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Welcome to Conscious Crystals My body is my temple, this rock is our home

Welcome to Conscious Crystals

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We are crystal/mineral suppliers who buy from around the world to sell to you at affordable prices! Sign up at the bottom of the page for an account with us, to get email updates on new stock and offers!

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You can also search by healing qualities - so different illnesses, organs or body parts you need help with, emotional and mental problems, spiritual qualities such as moon, sun, astral travel, or angels, your birth month crystal, crystals for absorbing negativity, cyrstals for protection - crystals to help with work related issues, such as abundance, success, concentration, intellignece and much more - just type in and see if it comes up, and if nothing does email us and I wil add on crystals for this thing - there are so many things they help with out there impossible to get them all on here!

We are about promoting spiritual awareness in everyday modern living, especially for healing the body and connecting to the earth - We understand crystals vibrate with the same freqeuncies as the strongest ones in our human aura (light photons, infrared and microwaves), and with the same energies as the stars in the heavens above, but much less intense and easier to absorb for the phisical body, as they only have the lower non ionizing electromagetic radiation  -  but because of this link they can connect our consciousness to the stars above also -  'As above, so below'!  Their wisdom can guide us safely home: helping us connect to our Mother, to our bones, connective tissue and physical growth, time in the womb, helping our digestion to absorb the food we eat and clear toxins out, enabling us to feel strong, grounded and protected from toxic energy, and to be used for helping our garden grow and in cooking!. 
They can also in-still in us great wisdom of the earth's creation, formation and the environment which lived around them while they grew over thousands of years and are fascinating to meditate with for knowledge of energies which control the land we live on and effect our personalities and cultures - Why are the English stiff upper lip - meditate for long enough and answers may come! 

Use with great peace, love and patience

Please note, it is not possible for us to have time to put all out stock on here (just a range), so please phone us or email for photos of any stock you are after that you don't see on here,

lots of love and best wishes Conscious Crystals 

Upcoming shows

Fri, 3rd May '19 to Mon, 6th May '19

Come along to the first and one of the best festivals of the year!

Fri, 17th May '19 to Mon, 20th May '19

Nestled in the Sussex Downs in the picturesque village of Alfriston lies Pleasant Rise Farm. Each year visitors travel far and wide to celebrate the magical world of faeries with mystical entertainment and uplifting workshops.

Fri, 23rd August '19 to Mon, 26th August '19

Over the August bank holiday weekend, we create a beautiful summer festival, celebrating together under the midnight stars and sparkling summer sky.

Into the Wild isn't just a festival, it is  a vibrant creative village of life and all its potential. 

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Website launched!
By Bob on October 5, 2017

Our friends at Fluxio have completed the Conscious Crystals website and we now ready to start trading!

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